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Perfectly Broken by Jullian Scott

A monster is prowling the streets of Chicago, grabbing young women and torturing them. He leaves their bodies virtually unrecognizable- carved and bloody. Cassie Miller was supposed to be one of those bodies. She was taken by the Carver and held hostage in a basement cell for days. But Cassie refused to end up like the other women and she fought back, escaping her prison. As she recovers both physically and mentally, she begins to wonder if she truly did escape. Her life has been forever tainted by the monster in the dark. But then Jack Stone enters her life, bringing light into the darkness. Detective Jack Stone has been investigating the Carver's victims from the very beginning. Each murder was haunting in its own way but when Cassie's file ends up on his desk, Jack will never be the same. When Cassie is found alive, Jack is given a detective's greatest gift- a surviving victim. She could be the key to unraveling the entire web of horror. As he gets to know Cassie, Jack realizes that she also holds the key to something else- his heart. Jack and Cassie find themselves falling in love in the worst of circumstances. Their romance is forbidden, but it's also undeniable. When the Carver comes after Cassie again, Jack will stop at nothing to keep her safe. As he dives deeper into the mind of a killer, Cassie faces the demons of her past. Will their love conquer all, or will the Carver add one more woman to his body count.
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