P.S. I Love You
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P.S. I Love You by Jo Noelle


He's a duke in need of a wife. She was thrown back in time until the next full moon. Will his secret push her away?

Cora Rey wanted a fresh start, but being thrown back in time to 1850 isn’t how she expected to do that. She discovers that Victorian England isn't the pleasant social whirl Jane Austen led her to believe, but when in Rome—or in this case Twickenham ... She’s determined to have the vacation of a lifetime, especially in the company of a certain duke.

Simon Tuttle never expected to become the duke of Hertfordshire, never wanted it, but now he is, and eligible women seeking a title consider him the next trophy to be taken in the marriage mart. A union of convenience is the most he hopes for due to the shame-filled secret he bears—until he meets Cora. Now, he imagines that a love match could be possible after all. Hiding his secret from society has been easy—hiding it from Cora proves impossible. Can Cora love a man like him despite learning the truth?


★★★★★ "I loved the chemistry between the hero and heroine.” ~Love to Read, an Amazon reviewer
★★★★★ "This book was so sweet and romantic I couldn't put it down.” ~Lynn, a Goodreads reviewer
★★★★★ "…this was a delight…Jo Noelle (a mother-daughter writing team) does a fantastic job with the characters, the setting, and the romance.” ~Jacob, a Goodreads reviewer

Dear Reader,
Thank you for choosing P.S. I Love You, a sweet, swoony time slip novel. This delightful romance is a little Regency, a little contemporary, and a lot Victorian. There’s just enough time travel to get the couple together. Although each book in this series is a stand-alone with a happily ever after, it’s best enjoyed when read in order.
Happy reading!
Jo Noelle
USA Today Bestselling Author
We write “Sweet, Swoony Ever-Afters”

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