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What happens when a billionaire bad boy & a sweet girl's worlds collide? Read along for a naughty twist on Cinderella's fairy tale!


When I'm once again late on rent, my roommate drags me to the club where she meets potential sugar daddies. This is not me! I'm a good girl. Hardworking and broke. I've never traded my charms for favors, never even been with a man I wasn't in a relationship with. Well, that was before I met him... Brock Ryan is everything I never thought I wanted. In his presence, my body hums with desire and my heart melts. His silver eyes eat me up like I'm special, but I know I'm just Brock's shiny new f-toy. I let myself live our torrid night to the fullest: no tomorrow, no regrets.


I’m a thirty year old, rich as Croesus, handsome as hell bachelor, reputed to be a great f-ck and extremely generous with my wealth. What else could a woman ask for? My affection? Please, feelings are grossly overrated. Give me a great lay, a nice conversation, a few laughs and a good night of sleep with a soft, warm woman in my arms and I’m a fulfilled man. Yeah… that was before I met Marie. The curvy as f-ck, dark skin beauty I'm taking home. She might think it's just for the night, but I know she's mine to keep.

As always with my bite-sized romances, there's no cheating, no cliffhanger & the HEA is guaranteed. Also, if you have an issue with hot times between the sheets, this book is not for you!

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Erotic romance books are stories written concerning the growth of a romantic relationship through sexual interaction. Sex is an intrinsic part of the narrative, character development, and relationship development and may not be eliminated without damaging the narrative. To put it differently, it is fun, it's hot, and it could be prestigious. This means, where else can you spot sexy billionaires, rough war heroes, teachers that do not mind giving you D jokes. If you are passionate about your partner or love to read others' passionate sex or love story, then you should add this genre to your reading list. Here are some amazing erotic romance books online that you might like to read.

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“There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it. It is like falling in love.” ― Christopher Morley, Pipefuls

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