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Outsider by G.K. Lund


An unseen community, troublesome abilities, unforeseen captivation…

Detective Nate Hansen thought he knew the shady side of the nice and touristy town of Ashport. But when a woman is kidnapped in broad daylight, he’s faced with a hidden community he knows nothing about.

The only connection to the crime is the sometimes consultant for the police, Maggie Evans, who’s also a suspected criminal in Nate’s eyes.

Ordered to work with the elusive Maggie to find the kidnapped woman, Nate begrudgingly does so. But Maggie doesn’t want help, nor to be arrested. And she clearly has something to hide. Something that will change everything for Nate, in more than one way…

Faced with kidnappers, an irregular FBI agent, things that shouldn’t be possible, and unexpected temptation… will they be able to trust each other long enough to solve the crime?

Outsider is the first novel in the Ashport Mender Series. If you like enemies to lovers, action, steamy romance, and potty-mouthed attitude, then you’ll love this PNR / UF series. Outsider has a HFN ending, and is the first installment in a four- part series following an evolving romance with the same protagonists.

The Ashport Mender Series is a four-book PNR / UF series.

Series completed.

Outsider #1

Persistence #2

Dissonance #3

Convergence #4

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