One Night Years Ago
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One Night Years Ago by J.R. Pace


Natalie Bowmann still has nightmares of her last encounter with Hunter Fowler twelve years earlier. Now, Fowler’s back in town.

When he was twenty, Hunter Fowler made a huge mistake. He’s spent the last twelve years in prison paying for it. When he gets out of prison, the last thing he wants to do is go back to Sharp’s Cove, but he has no choice.

Natalie Bowmann isn’t a frightened young woman anymore. She’s the town’s sheriff now and she’s not going to let Fowler’s return destroy the life she’s built for herself.

When another young woman is attacked, Natalie realizes two things: that twelve years earlier an innocent man was sent to prison and, most importantly, that a monster is loose in their peaceful coastal town.

Will Hunter and Natalie be able to find him before he strikes again? What will they do with the growing attraction between them?

This sexy suspense romance book is intended for adult readers. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone romance.

Note to readers: this novel deals with dark themes, as one of the characters was assaulted years earlier and remembers the assault during the story.

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