One Night Stand
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One Night Stand by L. Moone


In my quest for Mr. Right Now, could I have accidentally found Mr. Right?

After the day I’ve had, I could really use a distraction. At the pub, I quickly spot the perfect counterpart to chase away my frustrations, just for tonight. Whereas I’m all business, George is big, burly, long-haired as well as tattooed. We’re nothing alike; could he still be interested?

George’s scary exterior is just a mask; one he takes off quickly when we’re alone. What I find beneath the surface is too precious to let go. But, I don’t do relationships, and neither does he. Come morning, still the last thing either of us want to do is to say goodbye.

When your usual M.O. is to kiss and leave, how do you figure out the intricacies of true love? And when opposites attract, how do you ensure that your differences don’t tear you apart forever?

Read on and find out!

One Night Stand is a steamy body-positive opposites-attract romance featuring a scarred and tattooed plus sized hero and a strong-minded spunky heroine who is ready to love him just for who he is.

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