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One for the Road by Lynne Marshall

D'Anne Palmer and her husband had a life others dreamed of going where they wanted in their luxury forty foot motor coach. But D'Anne suddenly finds herself a widow with the RV being her only asset. Without funds to return to California from Tennessee, she hires out the RV and herself as cook and chauffeur. Tyler White was a "one-hit-wonder" ten years back. Now at a crossroad in his life, he makes an attempt at a comeback. He's hoping the three-week tour will reignite his non-existent career. All he needs now is some cheap transportation and the widow with the RV might just fit the bill. When Tyler signs on he doesn't expect to wind up being a body guard for D'Anne, and she never dreamed she'd become a target because of her deceased husband's suspicious death and business dealings. But who and why? D'Anne and Tyler discover a lot about life, love, and each other as they journey the southwest from Nashville, to Texas and on to Las Vegas with the band and Tyler's dog, Dexter. Can Close quarters really help a has-been singer on the comeback trail and a new widow who is unraveling a family secret find love?
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