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One Day Guy by Julia Wolf

The first time I saw Joe Silver, I was an awkward seventeen-year-old girl and he was the blue-eyed, tight-jeaned rocker performing on stage. In an unexpected twist, we became friends, until I wanted more. Then he utterly demolished my heart. Now I’m thirty-one, slightly less awkward, and Joe Silver just strolled into my little town. Instead of a rock star, he’s now a music teacher, but he’s still got the same irresistible pull as he did that first night. He’s everything I want in a man: funny, sweet, gainfully employed, and sexy as hell. He’s also the guy who turned my life upside down. I’m wary and my battered heart doesn’t quite trust him, even though he’s working his way past my poorly constructed barriers. Joe Silver might be my forever...or he might earn a second entry on my list of heartbreaks. * * * One Day Guy is a small town, slow burn, second chance romance that is high on swoony and funny moments, and low on angst (but just enough!) some rad nineties dance moves. (One Day Guy was originally titled Cut Short. It is newly revised and expanded for 2020!)
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