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Nyx by Sarah Ferguson

Nyx is the night. He's the dark. The monster under your bed. The demon in your dreams. He's a child's savior. The slayer of filth. A guardian no one dare cross. But there's blood on his hands, rage in his heart, black in his soul, and he's caught my eye... And his demons? They want me. But can you catch the darkness? Can the night be harnessed? And can safety be found in the embrace of a man tormented by his past? I guess I'll find out soon enough.
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Dark fiction is just another term for horror; a fiction genre concerned with dread, death, and also the menacing side of human character. This isn't limited to written literature but encompasses a broad body of popular media, such as movies and television shows. Though such fiction isn't appropriate for all tastes, authors of horror maintain their work discusses important elements of the human experience. The term dark fiction is occasionally utilized to differentiate individual stories from the mainstream horror genre. These tales might be less fantasy-oriented than many horror fictions and comprise subtler emotional results. If you're a horror story lover, then you should add this particular genre to your reading list.

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“The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.” ― Isabel Allende

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