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Abandoned baby, missing mother, his heart—which one should Adam guard first? Adam Hasting’s life takes an unexpected turn when a baby is left at Hastings Security with a note asking him to take care of his daughter. As the oldest brother in the family business, Adam has always set an example. One thing he knows for sure is the child can’t possibly be his. Faced with an impossible situation, America’s sweetest voice, September Platt makes the only sane decision she can and leaves her baby with the only man she ever loved. Trusting her life to a kind doctor September desperately seeks to put her life back together and gain the trust of Adam Hastings. When the paparazzi find September, new dangers threaten her and her baby. Adam and the rest of the Hastings family work to keep them safe. September realizes she must draw on her own courage to save her child and claim a future with the man she has always loved.
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