Not a Gentle Man

Not a Gentle Man by Julie Scarlet


She’s a down-to-earth healthcare worker. He's an arrogant billionaire. Will their fiery passion lead them down the road to love?

Angelique refuses to be anyone’s plaything. After witnessing her friend suffer at the hands of a rich jerk, the hardworking medical student has vowed never to date well-off, entitled men. So when she accidentally smears her lipstick on a deep-pocketed hunk at a party, she gives him a piece of her mind rather than her heart… despite craving to feel his touch.

Mega-wealthy businessman Declan McLeod is tired of fending off gold-diggers. And though his instant attraction to a stunning woman sends sparks flying, he’s dismayed to discover she can’t stand him or his affluent kind. Determined to reveal the man behind the money, he devises a ruse to win a chance to prove her wrong.

Wary not to overinvest in the handsome high-flyer, Angelique struggles to repress her growing desire in the face of her beliefs. And with their scorching chemistry setting his world on fire, Declan will do anything to show he’s worth his weight in gold to the woman of his dreams.

Will the couple let their burning desires erupt between the sheets?

Not a Gentle Man is a steamy contemporary romance story. If you like powerful males, sizzling attractions, then you’ll adore Julie Scarlet’s red-hot romp.

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