No Ordinary Christmas
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No Ordinary Christmas by Talia Hunter

Three things even worse than Christmas: 1. Returning to my hated home town. 2. Getting arrested. 3. Realizing the arresting officer is the boy I ran out on in high school. Luke Penn may look spectacular in a cop’s uniform, but I never wanted to see him again. He witnessed The Incident, otherwise known as the most embarrassing thing to happen to anyone ever. So as soon as I make it through my sister’s Christmas wedding, I’ll pack up my elf costume and catch the first sleigh out of town. But when Luke rescues me from a terrible mistletoe accident (don't ask!) things take an unexpectedly sexy turn. Now I need to make an impossible choice: Should I escape my cringe-worthy past? Or take a chance on a Luke-alicious future? No Ordinary Christmas is a romantic holiday novella you'll love!
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