New Witch on the Block
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New Witch on the Block by Louisa West


Paranormal Women's Fiction for lovers of Sweet Magnolias, Gilmore Girls, Practical Magic, and Fried Green Tomatoes.

She thought she was running away from her past, not catching up with it.

Rosemary Bell just wants to live a quiet, happy life and raise her daughter as far away from her toxic ex-husband as she can get. But when they move into a decrepit cottage in the woods of Mosswood, Georgia, Rosie realises her life will never be simple.

A gang of meddling neighborhood do-gooders want to run her out of town. The vicious laundromat machines keep eating her spare change. Not to mention her buff Irish stalker who insists that he’s a Witch King and that it’s her royal destiny to be his Queen.

And to top it all off, strange things keep happening around Rosie when she least expects it...

She could deal with it all, but her ex won’t rest until he tracks her down. When her ability to protect her daughter is threatened, Rosie shows them all that nobody messes with the new witch on the block.

Practical Magic meets Bridget Jones’ Diary in this fun, heart-warming short novel about starting over, putting family first, and finding love when you least expect it.

Readers are saying:

★★★★★ My goodness was it fun! Interesting and unique characters.
★★★★★ Funny with a good amount of romance.
★★★★★ A fun beginning to what promises to be an entertaining new series.
★★★★★ I absolutely loved the characters, the setting, the plot, basically everything! I couldn't put it down!
★★★★★ So much more than I expected! Beautiful writing, a good plot, and so much depth of emotion. I love how the small magics of each day are written. Eager for more!
★★★★★ I was gripped by this tale of courage, determination, new beginnings and awakening magic from the very start. ★★★★★

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