Never Too Late
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Never Too Late by Alexis Winter


Five steamy stories.
Five damaged men.
Five swoon-worthy second chances.

Does a hot AF bully deserve a second chance?
Is it wrong to want your twin brother’s totally forbidden best friend?
Does a sexy-as-sin rockstar get the girl after breaking her heart a decade ago?
Can you fall in love all over again with the one man who shattered your heart?

Dive into this too hot to handle collection of stories that will absolutely melt your Kindle and have you believing in love again.

Book 1: Ella and Logan
“There must have been some happy times. You must have loved him at some point. I saw the pictures in there. It looks like the two of you had the perfect life together.”
“Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve felt anything real since the day you left.”

In the same week my husband of twenty years hands me divorce papers, the one man who walked out of my life and shattered my heart…shows back up.

Can I trust him again after he failed to come back for me like he promised?
Or will he run again when he finds out my ex-husband…is his best friend?

Book 2: Mia and Ben
He hasn’t been back here in almost ten years, and it’s been ten years since I’ve felt like a whole person. All these years, I’ve been walking around with half my heart, half my soul.

Ten years ago the love of my life walked out of this town and became a rockstar. I could never ask him to give up his dream but what I didn’t expect was to be forgotten in the process.
Now he’s back, begging for a second chance. But it’s too little too late.

Book 3: Harper and Rowan
What are we doing, Rowan?” I breathe out.
“If you ask me, we’re finally doing what we’ve always wanted.”

Is this what I’ve always wanted? The one man I’ve hated more than anyone?
Or am I just falling prey to his charm like every other girl in this small town?

Book 4: Kaylee and Landon
The fact that she’s still just as forbidden as before only makes me want her more. She’s mine and has always been mine. It’s time I remind her of that little fact.

Her brother warned me if I ever touched her he’d kill me, but what he doesn’t know can’t hurt…right?

Book 5: Gabi and Easton
My whole life, I’ve wanted one thing: her. And now that she’s in my sights, in my home, working with me day in and day out, I’m going to get what I want once and for all.

You’d think the moment I showed up to my new job and realized my boss is Easton Perez, the hot-as-sin bully from school who made my life hell I’d run…Instead, I ended up in his bed.

This never-before-published collection of stories from Amazon best-selling author Alexis Winter is full of delicious moments you don’t want to miss, each complete with a happily ever after. Each story is a complete stand-alone with no cheating or cliff-hangers.

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