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Never Deny Your Heart by Maureen Driscoll

William (Liam) Kellington, the Duke of Lynwood, loves Rosalind Carson, the sister of an impoverished viscount. But while Lynwood was still coming to terms with his feelings -- dukes can be particularly dim-witted when it comes to love -- Rosalind's brother sold her into a lucrative betrothal to another nobleman. Liam vows to save Rosalind from a marriage she does not want, while also convincing her to become the Duchess of Lynwood. The lady, however, is not one to wait to be rescued. Rosalind has been in love with William Kellington much of her life. And it has been a rather one-sided romance. When her brother promises her to a man five decades her senior, Rosalind must find a way to live the life she wants and not the one that has been forced upon her. * * * NEVER DENY YOUR HEART is the fifth book in the Kellington romance series, The first was NEVER A MISTRESS, NO LONGER A MAID, followed by NEVER MISS A CHANCE, NEVER WAGER AGAINST LOVE and NEVER RUN FROM LOVE. NEVER DENY YOUR HEART contains explicit language and adult situations. You won't like this book if you don't like explicit language and adult situations. And while it is an historical romance, it is 98% romance and a tiny bit of history. This book probably isn't your cup of British tea if you're looking for actual history or substance. is a fun book. And if you're been reading the books from the beginning, it's the one you may have been waiting for.
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