Naked Truth
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Naked Truth by Tami Lund


Playboy FBI agent Jack Boudreaux meets Kennedy St. George at his partner’s wedding, and in typical Jack fashion, he seduces her. Like every fling before, it was supposed to be a one-night stand.

Kennedy was burned by her ex-husband—badly. She told everyone he cheated on her, because the truth—that he stole all her money before disappearing out of her life—is far more embarrassing. When she meets Jack at her cousin’s wedding, she decides a one-night stand is the perfect distraction from her otherwise screwed up life.

Ah, you don’t always get what you expect.

That one-night stand turns into a torrid affair that distracts Jack from his current undercover assignment and puts their hearts—and Kennedy’s life—in danger. Now there’s only one way Jack can stop a killer, and it involves admitting what he and Kennedy both swore they didn’t want.

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Naked Truth
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Delicious Deception

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