My Yuletide Earl
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My Yuletide Earl by Tammy Andresen

A rogue by any other name… Lady Holly Bailey knows a rake when she meets one and the Earl of Tidemore is most definitely that. From his improper suggestions to his lewd stare, he has nothing wholesome on his mind. Fortunately, she has a weapon in hand. All right, fine, it was actually just a stick of bread and now it’s been ruined since she was forced to beat him back with the baked good. Hungry, she can only pray that she never meets that loathsome earl again. But Tidemore has different ideas all together. A pretty little prim and proper miss… Jack wasn’t looking for love. He wasn’t even searching for romance. But when a storm insures that he’s stuck in a tiny village, he’d take a good tup as a form of distraction. Unfortunately, the woman he thought was propositioning him turns out to be a proper sort and a lady no less. What has he gotten himself into? And when he sees Holly again, why can’t he just let her be? It might be because of her stunning green eyes or the flush of color in her cheeks or the way she brandishes a loaf of bread like a sword. Or, perhaps, the sugary sweet cookie scent that envelopes her has something to do with it. But whatever it is, Jack can’t seem to stay away.
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Historical fiction is a literary genre in which the narrative takes place in the past. Historical books capture the particulars of the time as correctly as possible to get authenticities, such as societal norms, ways, habits, and traditions. Historical fiction is put in a real location during a culturally recognizable moment. The facts and the actions from the narrative can be a mixture of real occasions and ones in the writer's creativity as they fill in the gaps. Characters may be pure fiction or based on actual people. But what about them and their look and attitudes, how they talk, and issues that they face, everything which should match the era.

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