My Sweet Vampire
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My Sweet Vampire by Arabella Holmes


"I warned you right from the start that I was bad news. I told you to stay away from me. But no, you wanted more of the... You couldn’t get enough of it, so you had to come back for more, didn't you? And that was your mistake. You should have quit while you were ahead..."

My Sweet Vampire is a steamy romance like no other and will leave you gasping for more... 

Meet Dr Nick Craven – a renowned hypnotherapist who works in London’s affluent Harley Street. Tall, dark and debonair, Nick is everything a woman could want. Except for one thing – Nick Craven is a vampire with an insatiable blood lust.

When the beautiful Carly Singleton books a session with him to help her quit smoking, Nick is overwhelmed by desire and will do anything to get her into his bed. One night with a vampire hypnotherapist is an experience no woman will ever forget. Can Carly resist Nick’s devilish charms and will she live to tell the tale? 

"My Sweet Vampire," by Arabella Holmes is a quick-witted and insanely sexy read that will leave you breathless and desperately wanting more. 

Erotic romance books are stories written concerning the growth of a romantic relationship through sexual interaction. Sex is an intrinsic part of the narrative, character development, and relationship development and may not be eliminated without damaging the narrative. To put it differently, it is fun, it's hot, and it could be prestigious. This means, where else can you spot sexy billionaires, rough war heroes, teachers that do not mind giving you D jokes. If you are passionate about your partner or love to read others' passionate sex or love story, then you should add this genre to your reading list. Here are some amazing erotic romance books online that you might like to read.

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