My Sweet Bully
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My Sweet Bully by Penny Wylder

Bully. That's what I am to her. It's not a name I ever expected to be called, but after what she did to me that one awful summer, I'll wear it with pride. It's the least I can do after she put my older brother behind bars. Prairie Westmin-- her face is burned into my mind. And now I have to stare at it every day of our senior year. I want to make her miserable. I know she's my enemy. So why am I defending her from others on campus? I tell myself it's because she's MINE. I'm the only one who can bully her. Just me. That logic is warping the longer I'm around her. Fury becomes curiosity. Anger becomes passion. Cruelty becomes love. One kiss and I forget that I'm supposed to hate her to my very core. This woman is beating up my heart and ruling my world. Am I her bully... or is she mine?
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“The world was hers for the reading.” ― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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