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My Forbidden Duchess by Miriam Minger

“Miriam Minger is a master storyteller.” – Inside Romance Marguerite Easton dreads enduring another Season after the ton treated her so cruelly. A country parson’s daughter, she doesn’t fit in. Yet news has flown that the handsome hero who once helped to save her and her sisters from harm will arrive in London soon, and how can she resist the chance to see him again? Walker Burke never imagined the startling truth behind his birth would bring him back to England after he’d been banished as a traitor. Now he must take a wife—and his father, the Duke of Summerlin, has forbidden him to marry anyone but a noblewoman. Yet when Walker spies the stunning beauty he hasn’t seen in three years, will he defy his father’s wishes and make her his bride? “With Miriam Minger, you’re assured of a good read!” – Heartland Critiques
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