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I shouldn't be with my best friend's little sister. But I've gone and put a baby in her. Camilla is hotter than the Las Vegas sun. But she's my best friend Cooper's baby sister! So I've tried to avoid her for years. Now she's working with her brother and me, though. And to make matters worse, she's moved into the apartment next door. How am I supposed to resist when I see her perfect curves every day? Now that we're in close quarters, I find out she feels the same. This feisty girl is determined to let me know what she wants. Which is to have me take her virginity. I need to do just that- I can't help it. This temptation is a gamble. I don't want to cross the line with her overprotective brother. Cooper thinks he has to protect Camilla from every man. It's a job he wants me to do as well. But little does he know I'm the person he should be guarding her from. Camilla has got me aching with desire. I decide to roll the dice on this relationship and see what happens. But I wasn't expecting to knock her up! Now her older brother will find out what I've done to his little sister. Is there any way we can all still win big together? My Brother's Best Friend's Secret Baby is a standalone secret baby romance. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!
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