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My Best Friend’s Ex by Alexis Winter

I didn’t mean to fall in love with my best friend’s ex, Hell, I didn’t even realize I was until he put a ring on her finger. Too bad I can’t bring myself to tell her that her fiancé is a cheating, man-whoring douchebag And she deserves a man that will give her the world. A man like me. I should have walked away from this situation years ago. Back when my best friend turned into the a$$-hole he is today. But I couldn’t because of her. I told myself I was being the heroic friend, staying just close enough to give her a shoulder to cry on every time he hurt her. I’m going to tell her the truth this time. That is, until she shows up on my doorstep tear stained and single. One minute she’s crying in my arms, And the next she’s moaning in my bed. I finally have everything I’ve wished for… Until he shows up and tells her I knew all along. How am I supposed to prove to her I’m different? That I deserve her? That I deserve to be a father to my baby she’s carrying?
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