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My Aussie Guy by Liz Lovelock

She's a sassy, smart-mouthed college sophomore. He’s a cocky exchange student from Australia. Falling for him isn’t an option, because when he leaves, where will that leave her? Elsie always falls for the duds but when Aiden Heller shows up, she thinks she’s found her unicorn. He issues her a challenge that sets her into a tailspin she’s unsure she’ll ever get out of… until he reveals a secret that would break any girl's heart. Aiden is a thrill seeker and all the girls want him. He enjoys the attention but there’s only one person he craves it from, Elsie. He wants to kiss her perfectly plump lips and make her his, however, the secret he’s holding could be a deal breaker…not that it will stop him. He wants Elsie no matter what. My Aussie Guy is the second book in the My Guy series of New Adult sweet college romances.
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