My Accidental Forever
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My Accidental Forever by Alexis Winter

Girl meets boy. Girl gets arrested. Boy bails girl out of jail. Boy and girl get married? Not exactly how all good fairytales start but hey, I’m not exactly a princess—more like a hot mess dancing on a table. One thing I know for sure, true love’s first kiss didn’t take place in a police precinct followed by a scorching one-night stand. Foster Wilder was my knight in shining armor that night but we both know he can’t be my happily ever after. I’m determined to stay single, while his family is determined to marry him off to a billion-dollar heiress. But with rings on our fingers and ‘I Do’s’ said, it looks like that plan is out the window. We were supposed to get divorced. His parents weren’t supposed to find out. And I sure as hell wasn’t supposed to fall in love. I’ve gotten myself into a lot of situations but this one takes the cake…the wedding cake.
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