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Must Love Dragons by Michelle Ziegler

He's tall, handsome, and obviously not from around here. Maddie is open minded, and with a crazy mom you learn to not let the little things bother you. But when a tall, muscular, and obviously misguided stranger walks in she might have hit her give a crap level. Only he's making her question everything she knows, including the future she saw for herself and this one is so much better. Kal need's to stop talking though, long enough to let Maddie figure out if he's for real. Dragon shifters aren't real, right? This is the first book in an exciting series where every dragon warrior gets his own happily ever after, but not how they saw it coming. Start now! ******** He doesn't know what kind of witch he's dealing with. Kal had no idea what he was walking into when he met Maddie. She might believe that men aren't from Mars, but he sure isn't from Earth. Maddie has enough crazy in her life with one ghost too many haunting her. Too bad fate just threw her a man claiming to be a dragon shifter. If Maddie chooses to accept Kal isn't crazy, she might be in for the ride of her life. Of course, if she chooses to believe him she'll have to leave her old life behind. Kal needs to find his mate before his dragon's magic consumes him. He might have infinite cosmic powers, but he also has a soul that can't control the power of the universe. Not without Her. Maddie might be the right witch for him, except the fact she just cursed him to be a chicken. What the hell kind of planet is this anyway?
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