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Muscle by Lexi Whitlow

There's only one girl in this town that's off limits, and I just crossed the line. I was a SEAL. Now I'm a star. The hottest director in Hollywood wants me. All I want is his daughter. Hourglass figure. Legs that don't quit. She'll take my commands, then I'll take her to bed. Too bad her daddy hates me, because Winter's pregnant. If the tabloids get hold of this, I'm done. If her daddy finds out, I'm dead. But Winter's mine. And SEALS don't quit. Screw the fame and fortune. I'm about to show my muscle, and this display ain't for the cameras. Can I convince Winter's dad I'm all she needs... or will this be our last take? * * * Muscle is a 60,000 word romance novel with lots of steamy second chance scenes, love and redemption, absolutely no cheating, and a bit of well-cooled revenge. Enjoy!
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