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Mr. Sapphire by Vivian Ward

“I thought I’d found a diamond in the rough but she was so much more.” The minute Ella walked into my jewelry store, there was an instant attraction. She was there to interview for a job and was well qualified but, with her beauty and charisma, all I could see was her gorgeous face. Hiring her was my first mistake because everyone knows that office romances never end well. Taking her on a date was my second mistake because I knew it was more than business. Bringing her back to my mansion? I wouldn’t call that a mistake because I was already head over heels for her. They say diamonds are forever but my love for her will last longer than all eternity. * * * The Flirt Club does it again! Hold on tight! We have 14 of your favorite romance authors bringing you hot and steamy billionaires who are about to meet their happily ever afters--only they don't know it yet. Come along for the ride, again and again. And with billionaires, you know their wallets aren't the only things bulging...
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