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Morning Song by Kimberly Cates

A headstrong runaway: When practical spinster Hannah Gray rescues her nephew Pip from his cruel father, she has no choice but to flee Ireland. Once in England, fate hurls her onto the doorstep of notorious eccentric Austen Dante. Aware that the isolated manor is the perfect place to hide Pip, Hannah takes a desperate gamble, pretending that she can transcribe Dante’s musical compositions—even though she can’t understand a single note. A man of secrets: Mercurial inventor and composer Austen Dante knows why he is called the “mad master of Ravenscar”. Countless assistants have fled, unable to keep up with his frenetic work pace. Yet Dante will trust no one with the reason for his race against time—or the secret that has shaped his solitary life. When he plucks a ‘half-drowned Irish cat’ from a storm he never suspects that she will match his fire, but Hannah Gray is living a lie. Can a love begun in deception survive when the truth is revealed in the harsh morning’s light? Culloden's Fire Series: Book 1: Gather the Stars Book 2: Angel's Fall Book 3: Crown of Dreams Book 4: Crown of Mist Book 5: Morning Song