More Than My Eyes by jessica_gleave


Two unlikely worlds are about to collide when a tiger shifter finds his human mate. 


Despite his lack of sight, Sunan regularly patrols the forest defending his wild tiger brethren from the threat of poachers. 


When he approaches the waterfall hidden in the forest, he scents his mate. But Preeda is a human, and she’s not exactly thrilled to discover the tiger she saw in the forest can turn into a man—a beautiful man, but a tiger, nonetheless.


Meanwhile, the threat of poachers looms over the tigers causing problems for Sunan and his brethren. 


Can Sunan convince his mate to accept him as hers? Or will Preeda lose him forever?


More Than My Eyes is a standalone shifter novella and was previously published in The Dirty Dozen Shifter Edition. 

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