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Moose Be Love by Jacqueline Winters

Three sisters. One inherited lodge. A charming Alaskan town with its own matchmaking moose. Tragedy brought her back, but love begs her to stay. Moose Be Love: A Sunset Ridge Sweet Romance Book 1 Small town contemporary romance When Cadence Whitmore and her two sisters inherit the Sunset Ridge Lodge, their immediate plan is to sell it. They’re spread out all over the country, and not one of them is willing to move to Alaska to run an inn they haven’t visited in thirteen years. But Cadence is the only sister who makes the mistake of visiting. The longer she’s in town—and around the kind and attractive caretaker, Ford Harris--the more she yearns to stay. Convincing her sisters to keep the lodge instead of selling it, however, might be an impossible feat. Ford’s younger sister is the only family he has left, and he’d do anything to help make her dreams come true. It’s the single reason he agrees to the death bed wish of Patty Whitmore. If he can convince Cadence to keep the lodge, he’ll receive the money he needs to help put his sister through her dream college. He never planned to fall in love with anyone ever again—especially not Cadence. He’s lost too many loved ones in his lifetime. Yet, he can’t deny how right they are for each other. But if she finds out the secret he’s been keeping, it might cost him everything. Other Sweet Romances By Jacqueline Winters Sunset Ridge Series: Moose Be Love My Favorite Moosetake Anonymoosely Yours Love & Moosechief (Coming Sept 9th) Starlight Cowboys Series: Cowboys & Starlight Cowboys & Firelight Cowboys & Sunrises Cowboys & Moonlight Cowboys & Mistletoe Cowboys & Shooting Stars (Coming Soon) Standalones: Hooked on You
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