Monster Baller

Monster Baller by KB Winters


WSJ and USA Today Bestselling author KB Winters brings you a hot football romance duet about the Bitsberg Knights!

You know what they say. Big hands, big feet, well, you get it.
And I got it one sultry night with a stranger.
Then, the judge sends him to my non-profit and I have to babysit.
So what if he’s some bad-boy football star.
I’ve got my girls to protect. And he can do his time and get out.
Chance Beauman—the Beaumonster— might be hotter than sin, but I have no time for games—football or any other.
But I can’t stop thinking about him. Those abs, that butt, the biceps.
The way he touches me when we’re together.
I have to get him out of my head before my heart takes over.

They call me the Monster of the Midwest because I hit hard—and play harder.
But my football career is on the line.
I thought bad decisions made great stories.
Guess I was wrong.
I get sentenced to a month at a non-profit for kids.
And who do I find? Lacey. The girl who swept me off my feet.
Only now, she’s relegated me to the friend zone.
I don’t want to be her friend.
I want to be her man. Her lover. Her life.
And I’ll do anything to make her mine.

Love steamy hot athletes? One-click Monster Baller today! This Pro Football Romance has cheating, no cliffhanger and like always, an HEA! And uhm...bring a tall glass of ice water.

★Previously released as Big Time★

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