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To the world, I am the Mogul Alexander Nathan McDonald. Billionaire tech mogul of Globaltech. But to people I care about, I’m just plain Nate. The night when I met sweet wonder woman Diana Prince changed my life. I caught her as she fell off the bar stool and heard her story about being fired from her job for leaking secrets to Globaltech. Now how could I tell her who I really was? To Diana, I was just Nate. It’s now my mission to love and protect my sweet naughty girl. I’m nobody’s superhero Despite what mom named me. I’m Diana Prince, nobody’s wonder woman. My life is in shambles after I get fired after being accused of leaking trade secrets to Globaltech. I owe it all to my former boss Garrett ‘stink-breath’ Holliman, CEO of Techworks. My biggest mistake is sleeping with him one night after a night on the town. A sexy, love story. This is Nate and Diana’s love story. Powerful and full of suspense and intrigue. Nate, the secret billionaire, unravels the mystery that involves Diana and his powerful tech company. The Mogul Series. This is Book One in a five part Mogul Series. Sexual content. 18+ Scroll up and grab a copy today
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