Mistletoe in Malibu
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Mistletoe in Malibu by Lola West

Christmas in Southern California has her wondering are you ever too old for a young Buck? Delores All I wanted was a quiet Christmas alone. But when your best friend is married into the Morgan Family, a herd of ripped and rowdy ranchers who won’t take no for an answer, quiet Christmases evaporate. A private jet ride later, I’m on the beach in Malibu, being hounded by the most attractive young cowboy I’ve ever laid eyes on. Too bad he’s way too young for me. Buck Did you ever see a woman who just knocked your socks off? Delores Reed is my cup of pudding. She’s funny and pretty and sure, a little bit older. She’s worried that if we get together people might talk. I’m nobody’s secret - but maybe for Delores, I can try. Mistletoe in Malibu is a Christmas spinoff of Lola West’s Big Sky Cowboys Series. Featuring all the Morgan characters that readers have come to know and love. Hot for the Holidays is a series of sexy fun short stories that will take you on a tropical escape for the holidays. Enjoy all the steamy stories in the series: Mistletoe in Malibu - Lola West Bows in Bora Bora - Jade Bay Presents in Positano - Anita Knight Elves on Easter Island - Jaycee Wolfe Christmas in Cayman - Kara Kendrick Merry in Mykonos - Aurora Paige Decorating Abu Dhabi - Eva Winners Kringled in Key West - Layne Daniels Krampus in Kaua’i - Ava Knight Sugarplums in St. Thomas - Loni Ree
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