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Missing Love by Hannah Schrock

All Esther’s dreams came true… until they were ripped from her without warning. Esther fell in love at the age of five. When she finally married the boy of her dreams she knew her future would hold nothing but happiness. Jacob was the love of her life and had they only been blessed with a boppli; their lives couldn’t have been happier. The one dream that wouldn’t come true. After just three years of wedded bliss Jacob died unexpectedly, leaving Esther shattered, alone, and pregnant. After six weeks of trying to keep Jacob’s business open, Noah Miller can’t continue burning the candle at both ends. He hires a store manager, Daniel Fischer, to take charge of the store until Esther is in a better state of mind to make decisions about the store’s future. When Esther finds out her father hired a replacement for her husband in his own business, she is devastated. And then a life changing revelation is made, and Esther fears she is losing her faith. Why would God take her husband with one hand and answer her prayers with the other? She tries her best to be indifferent to Daniel Fischer but something about him makes her dream of the future again. Will Esther learn to open her heart to love again? Can Daniel accept another man’s child as his own? Follow this sweet heartfelt journey as Esther works through the grief of losing a husband and the scary prospect of falling in love again.
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In simple words, the novel penned by a Christian worldview, a way of viewing the world separated through the facts shown in the Bible, is called Christian books. It implies a sovereign God who made everyone and everything; it believes we are responsible to God for our decisions, promises, and activities; it feels we require forgiveness and redemption and that it comes only through the person of Jesus Christ. There are two types of Christian Books: Christian fiction Christian fiction books are those books that overtly display elements of Christianity in the story, mixing things like prayer, conversion, church. Christian non-fiction Christian non-fiction is normally overt in its use of Biblical beliefs to explain an appropriate subject.

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“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.” ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

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