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Misfortune by Peggy Ann Craig

It's not every day that a person encounters a genuine Christmas miser on Christmas Eve. Or is rescued by one. Dexter O’Reilly, a cold and ruthless businessman, meets Laura Witherow, a loving and compassionate individual on Christmas Eve. Recently orphaned, Laura faces her first Christmas alone. After taking a wrong turn down a deserted snowy road, she finds herself stranded deep in the Pennsylvania backroads. Then, as miracles would have it, she is sent someone to share the holiday with that cold fateful Christmas Eve. True, he might not be old Saint Nick, but he was her very own Scrooge. After their brief and unusual encounter, Dexter hopes never to lay eyes on the woman again. However, eight months later she unexpectedly shows up on his business doorstep seeking financial aid for a homeless shelter she operates after a series of unfortunate events leads her to financial ruin. Dexter scoffs at any charitable organization, as well as his growing attraction toward the obstinate woman who refused to give up. Laura is determined to conquer the past, the present and even the future to show Dexter that there was more to life than money and that she was the way to true happiness.
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