Midlife’s a Charm
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Midlife’s a Charm by Ainsley Ashworth


Buried secrets, stolen land, and broken bones.

Her little piece of heaven-on-earth is out to get her.

Retiring to the country was supposed to be peaceful but after two weeks of freak weather, trees with minds of their own, and way more time with her overzealous husband than she bargained for, Millie is about ready for a permanent life ALONE. On a beach. In the South of France.

But before she can pack a suitcase, strange events tie her tighter to their forty acres, strand by strand. A husband laid up in bed after a crazy accident, a cabin nearly falling down around them, and a neighbor the locals swear is a witch, pale in comparison to the tribal lawyer claiming the sale of their land was not authorized by the rightful owner.

When her grandson goes missing, Millie goes on the hunt and walks directly into a wolf’s lair. Literally. If she wants to save her grandson and her own life, she’ll have to draw on strength she never knew she had to survive an attack...and another day at home with her husband.

Midlife's a Charm is the first in a new clean, light, paranormal women's fiction series perfect for fans of Sarah Addison Allen and Lisa Van Allen.

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