Merry Wild West Christmas
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Merry Wild West Christmas by Wanda Ann Thomas

A Sweet Holiday Romance: Josephine Hopkins made a promise to never lose the joy and wonder of the holidays. Her first Christmas in the Wild West takes a disastrous turn when an accident injures her father and a cowboy rancher steps in to operate the family stable business. Her courage is further tested when telltale symptoms indicate that the illness that took her twin brother’s life is slowly but surely coming for her. Love and marriage have no part in her future, but she briefly ignores this truth upon sharing a Christmas kiss as sweet as ribbon candy with the big, quiet rancher. Ox Haven is happy to be a bachelor and is not one to pay attention to holidays. Until a pretty gal with strawberry-blond hair and a fondness for all things Christmas lassoes his attention. Her declaration that she plans on being a spinster doesn’t sit right, especially given her joy in family and entertaining. His awkward attempts to court her start out hopeful, but end with heart-wrenching rejection. Not one to give up, he hopes a special Christmas surprise will change her mind. A happy holiday sprinkled with visions of love stirs up impossible hopes when a lively city gal and a quiet cowboy share a…Merry Wild West Christmas.
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