Mermaids of Owasco
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Mermaids of Owasco by Liz Harman


Jessie's abusive ex won't let her go ... and there's trouble waiting for her in the dark waters of Owasco Lake.

Jessie Corrigan thought her life was good. She had a great job at a prestigious university in the prettiest place in the world. Her boyfriend was a successful entrepreneur. But when she went to investigate a mysterious 'mermaid' sighting on the shores of Owasco Lake, and her soon-to-be-ex boyfriend steals her car and drives off with it, she starts thinking there's more to life than following in his shadow, letting him slowly erode her self-esteem. Maybe the world doesn't have to revolve around him and his needs.

Kirk Barton was a fun-loving, charming field biologist whose life was only missing one thing, and as soon as he saw Jessie, he knew what that thing was.

Lost in his smile and snuggled in his embrace, Jessie might just be able to live her life and have love too.

But can their love survive with Jessie's ex hot on their heals and following their every move?

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