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Menu For A Wedding by Bobby Hutchinson

A Romantic Comedy--With Food And Family And Hats and Weddings IS FAMILY A BLESSING--OR A CURSE? Frankie Granatelli's Italian relatives are driving her nuts.At twenty-six, Frankie is considered the spinster of the family, and she's fine with just making the hats for all the weddings. As for romance-her huge extended family are one big gossip circle, and she can't stand having her love life discussed and dissected. Her career comes first. Who has time for the whole lasagna? Mother, wife, career woman--she has it on good authority that it's just not workable. Wedding caterer Eric Thorpe wants to change her mind, but he doesn't understand the Granatelli grapevine, or just how difficult it is to plan a menu for a wedding. He needs help--and he finds it in the most unlikely place. Weddings, huge Italian families, food and romance--it's a recipe for laughter and for love. Author Interview: What inspired you to write this book? Hats. I met a lovely woman named Edie who made hats. I asked her one question after the other, and soon had the skeleton for a book. She told me about making hats for a huge Italian wedding, and I ran home and wrote Menu. Who's your favorite character? Mamma Granatelli. She manages her huge family with an iron fist in a silken glove. I hope you fall for her and for the others in this romantic comedy with food and weddings. And oh yeah, hats.
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