Melting Point
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Melting Point by Sophia Paisley


Would you trust your enemy to save your family?

Morgan follows in her father’s footsteps, knowing if she is ever found out the repercussions will be terrible. But if she doesn’t continue, the outcome will be deadly. To protect her family and the business, she continues, knowing every day she steps closer to ruin.

Liam has one mission: Infiltrate Brennan Metal Works and search for incriminating evidence. He thinks it will be easy. Then he meets Morgan. She blocks him at every corner, making it clear he’s not welcome. Quickly pegging her as the prime suspect, he makes it his mission to discover her secrets.

As events quickly unravel, Morgan finds her only chance of survival is to allow Liam in. But can she trust him? The only way to free themselves from the danger they face is by working together, something neither of them wants.

Pick up your copy of this fast-paced romantic suspense filled with action, thrills, steamy tension, and even a little humor. Throw in some bad guys and it's a nail biter.

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