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No secret stays hidden forever. Neither does true love… On the outside, Sarah and Lucille Lockridge look like two drops of water. On the inside, they couldn’t be more different. When their father, the devious Earl of Huxley, decides to marry timid and shy Lucille to a rude and cold duke, Sarah will not stand for it: she will conceive a clever plan and secretly take her sister’s place to protect her. Augustus Sutton, the Duke of Whitehall, still mourns the love he lost in a tragic way. When his formidable enemy, Lord Huxley, blackmails him with a secret Augustus thought forgotten, he has no choice but to agree to marry the Earl’s daughter, Lucille. As this courtship proceeds, Sarah discovers there’s a warm and wounded heart under the cold exterior of the Duke of Whitehall… and Augustus realizes that “Lucille” is the opposite of what he had heard about her. Now, in a dangerous game where everyone is both puppet and puppeteer, Augustus and Sarah must find a way to the truth in their hearts, and discover how to thwart Lord Huxley’s cunning schemes before all of their lives are destroyed forever… *If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Melting a Duke's Winter Heart!”