Mean Crush
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Mean Crush by K. L. Bryce

"I can't describe how much I loved this book. From the first page until the last I was completely captivated by Tabitha and Reed." - E&A Books Forbidden Love. Unrequited Love. A Second Chance Tabitha. His little sister’s best friend. His light, his sun. The only person in the world who seems to truly get him. But she is completely off-limits. No matter how much Tabitha crushes on him or says things that send his mind in a whirl and his heart wanting what he knows he can’t have, Reed always has to be the stronger one…even if it means breaking her heart. Reed Walker. Her former mean crush. The boy she stupidly pined over. The man she swore to loathe for all eternity is back. Tabitha refuses to let Reed ruin her plans to win over her ex. Mark is safe, predictable, and reliable… everything Reed isn't. But now they are adults, and his midnight blue stares get way too intense, and his touch wakes something inside of her that she never knew she could feel. Will they finally give in to true love, or will Reed become what he fears most...a temporary rebound before Tabitha goes after the man she thinks is right for her?
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“Books are like mirrors: if a fool looks in, you cannot expect a genius to look out.” ― J.K. Rowling

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