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Mated by Leigh Kelsey

Having every male werewolf in the area lining up to claim you might sound like a good thing, but belonging to a wolf is Lyra’s worst nightmare. Too bad she’s about to belong to three. When magic screws up overnight, it makes Lyra Ripley the most desirable wolf in the north. But Lyra isn’t interested in having a bunch of strangers salivating over her, eager to bend her to their will. She’s perfectly happy with her life, running her pub Moonlight Inn and shifting when the full moon rises. But the wolves won’t take no for an answer, even if it means forcing a mate bond on Lyra. Unless she claims her own mates. Plural. The only problem is she’d have to claim her pack - quiet, mysterious Jack, Gray, the smartass with a dangerous intensity, and the man Lyra’s been in love with for as long as she can remember: her serious, protective alpha Casimir. And she’s terrified that claiming them will damage their close pack bond, and she’ll lose their friendship. But with more wolves arriving to force a mate bond every day, Lyra might not have a choice. Mated is a paranormal urban fantasy RH romance with sexy, protective, sweet guys and one kickass, foul-mouthed woman for all to share. The harem grows throughout the series (starts with three guys but builds), and Moonlight Inn is medium burn with high steam. Expect sexy scenes, explosive magic, and tender romance. Welcome to the Moonlight
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