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Kay vows to escape the planet Mudden and her "match." All she has to do? Not fall in love with him.

Kay is kidnapped, taken to the planet Mudden, and forced to marry a stranger. Griff is supposed to be perfect for her, but that doesn't mean she wants to be married to him. She refuses to give in to the Mudden men’s master plan and vows to be the first woman to escape the planet. All she has to do is not fall for Griff for a year. Sounds easy, right? Well…Kay soon discovers she has a hard time keeping her hands off of Griff, but just because she shares her body doesn’t mean she has to share her heart. No, she doesn't want to give in. But all is not well within the Glaerus clan, and as political unrest escalates, more than her freedom is at stake. She has to decide if proving them wrong is more important than doing what’s right. For herself. For Griff. And for the planet. Author's note: ***Disclaimer: There are no aliens in this sci-fi romance*** Welcome to the Mudden Men series. The story is set in a distant planetary system colonized by humans. Join the heroes as they fall in love while fighting to bring down the corrupt government that brought them together.
  • Match Found - Kay & Griff
  • Match Forged - Elizabeth & Rex
  • Match Foiled - Nova & Altair
  • Match Forced - Thalia & Price (coming soon)
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