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Making the Love List by Barbara DeLeo

He's number 5 on her 'love' list—tall, dark and...completely off limits Successful restaurateur Lane Griffiths has been a friend of the Katsalos family for years, so between projects he’s happy to help with the renovations of their wedding hall, The Aegean Palace. At least until he finds himself stuck working with his best friend’s little sister, Yasmin. Yasmin has reinvented herself. After a brush with death in the wilds of Borneo, she’s made a list of all the things she wouldn’t have had the courage to do before. The new purple streak in her hair and the diamond stud in her nose is just the beginning. Next up: seduce a tall, dark, handsome man. Lane fits the bill oh so perfectly. Yasmin is so different from the girl Lane used to know. Her ideas may be impractical and a little bit crazy, but he’s irresistibly drawn to her free-spirited nature, never dreaming he’s just a number on her Love List.
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