Make-Believe Proposal
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Make-Believe Proposal by Vivi Holt

The proposal is fake, but his feelings are real. A heartwarming friends-to-true-love story. Billionaire businessman, Roland Baker, has moved on with his life but never opened his heart to love again since losing his wife six years earlier. The nanny he hired to help raise his two girls has, piece by piece, woven the broken strands of their lives back together. So, when her ex-boyfriend breaks her heart, he’s ready to jump in with a fake proposal to help her save face. June Green always wanted to be a nanny. She loves her position, working for the hottest billionaire in Atlanta and taking care of his beautiful daughters. When her ex-boyfriend parades his new fiancee in front of them all, she’s devastated… until Roland gets down on one knee, surprising everyone. He’s her friend, her boss, and the most eligible bachelor in town. Anything more between them would be too complicated and could risk the life she’s grown to love. But an unexpected date leads to a surprise, spine-tingling kiss that changes everything between them and sparks feelings she can no longer ignore.
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