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Mail Order Grace by Charlotte Dearing

Magnolia, Texas, 1880 – A reclusive cowboy must raise an orphaned baby Matt Bentley’s brother died from a rattlesnake bite, leaving Matt to care for his infant niece. With a little luck and a lot of prayer, the scarred and solitary cowboy hoped to both run his ranch and raise a baby girl. As if that wasn’t enough… His late brother had a mail-order-bride on the way. From the start, Matt wanted to send Grace O’Brian straight back to Boston where the lovely but troublesome redhead belonged. But Grace stayed in Magnolia nonetheless. Despite the uneasy circumstances, she vowed she would stay and care for the baby. No matter what. He never thought his traumatized niece would bond so strongly with Grace. He never imagined that Grace, the pretty, innocent girl with a fragile smile, would make him yearn for a wife and family of his own. And he certainly never anticipated he’d want a future with the stubborn, impossible girl he’s tried his darnedest to run off. Matt Bentley never dared dream for anything at all.
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