Mail Order Bride’s Baby And Her One-Arm Indian (A Western Historical Romance Book)
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A mail order bride with an unwanted baby in tow meeting a one-arm Indian husband-in-waiting is nothing short of a disaster… Rachael Jeffers has spent her entire life living, and then working, in an orphanage. Until circumstances give her no option but to flee – with a baby in tow. Her only hope now is a man named Motega, whom she had corresponded via letters. Motega has offered her marriage and a home in the west in Wyoming. Motega has spent most of his life living between worlds. He is from the Shoshone tribe and has been forced to live the life of a white settler because of the westward expansion of the Transcontinental Railroad. However, despite his hardworking and quiet nature, the townsfolk want nothing to do with him. When the two different worlds of Rachael and Motega cross paths, they are immediately at odds. Motega does not want a baby in his house, yet. He badly needs to tend to his farm for the impending harvest and he needs a helping hand – because he has only one arm. Surrounded by hateful townsfolk, hazardous weather and the demands of taking care of a baby, can Rachael and Motega build a relationship to survive these odds? Or are they just too different to be together?
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