Mail Order Bride And The Gift of Children: A Western Historical Romance Book
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Finding love is never easy for a single mother listing herself as a mail order bride. But it is necessary. Eliza Buell has just given birth to her second child. Now a single mother after the death of her husband, she finds herself alone and desperate for a way to help her children survive the coming winter. With no other option, Eliza opts to become a mail order bride. Arthur Wells is eager to prove his merit in the west, especially when his promotion is stifled solely because he is not married. And there is no better way to get a wife from the mail order bride catalogue. When Eliza arrives out west and meets Arthur, Arthur is shocked to see that Eliza already has children. A pure miscommunication has turned to accusation of lies… and regret. However, there’s something about Arthur that draws Eliza to him. And Arthur is slowly seeing Eliza’s children as a priceless gift. The only question is, will their love be strong enough to see them through a lifetime?
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“The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.” ― Isabel Allende

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