Maiden from the Mist
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Maiden from the Mist by Tanya Anne Crosby


A stunning conclusion to the Guardians of the Stone series!

Betrayed. Sorcha dún Scoti has known her entire life that she is different. Now, the future of her clan is in doubt, and Una, their beloved seer is gone. The youngest dún Scoti inherits Una's scrying stane—and with it, the gift of sight. Here, now, the truth of her birth is revealed. Betrayed by her kinsmen and seeking answers, she must journey to a remote Island in the Outer Hebrides, where she hopes to reunite with Una. But despite her gift of sight, the truth holds perils Sorcha cannot foresee...

Forsaken. Stricken blind by his grief, Caden MacSwein has sequestered himself like a beast in his castle by the sea. It is whispered he slew his own brother, and now he is cursed by the Gods. When a maiden from Inverness arrives on his shores on the eve of the summer star, he soon sees with his heart what his eyes no longer can. But to restore his sight, Caden must realize his blindness comes from within... or he’ll never save the maiden from the mist from the danger that pursues her.

Embark on a journey into magical Medieval Scotland, to a time when the shadowy Picts are in danger of vanishing from the Highland tapestry, and Scotland itself will arise as a nation from the ashes of betrayal.

Read this series in order:

  1. Book 1: Once Upon a Highland Legend
  2. Book 2: Highland Fire
  3. Book 3: Highland Steel
  4. Book 4: Highland Storm
  5. Book 5: Maiden from the Mist
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